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Rules and Regs

September 2019 – August 2020


All students/parents/guardians must sign an enrollment agreement which sets forth what is required financially throughout the school year while enrolled in our dance classes. This includes what your yearly tuition (broken into monthly payments) will be for the classes you chose to enroll in as well as other expenses such as costumes. This agreement must be reviewed, signed and returned to THE DANCE FORCE before classes can be taken. Parents/guardians must also complete a student information sheet and pay a registration fee of $25.00 (individual) or $35.00 (family rate) before participating in dance class.


Students should arrive on time for class dressed in dance attire (see dress code). Each student should bring a bag/tote with all their dance shoes as well as a water bottle, extra hair elastics, extra dancewear and anything else they may need while at the studio. There are no changing rooms at the studio so please arrive dressed for class. Street shoes, coats and jackets should be stored in the cubbies. Students must stay in the waiting room until the prior class has been dismissed and has exited the dance room. Please understand we are not a babysitting service. Students should arrive no more than 10 minutes early and pick-up should be promptly at the time class ends. Please notify us in writing or by telephone if you have arranged for someone other than yourself or spouse to pick up your child.


Students must wear dance attire to all dance classes. Please see our Dress Code. Each dance subject requires specific dance shoes as well. Students must be dressed for class as stated in the dress code and must bring the proper dance shoes for each dance subject as well. Any student arriving without their shoes or not wearing dance attire will be made to sit out.


Tuition is calculated based on the number of classes within the school year (September – June) and is divided into monthly payments. Therefore the monthly tuition remains the same regardless of the number of classes that fall within each month. Tuition is due in full on the first class of each month. Payments must be made in cash, check or credit/debit card. If a given day of the week receives fewer classes during the course of the year due to snow days or other cancellations, then make-up classes will be scheduled or June tuition will be prorated to reflect the missed class(es). Please note: if tuition is not paid within the current month a late fee of $15.00 will be applied to your balance. An additional $15.00 will be added to the balance each month until paid in full. If at any time tuition is not paid for two consecutive months, classes will be suspended until payment is received. A $25.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.


All classes for ages 3 and up will perform in our June Recitals. Confirmed dates are as followed: Recitals: June 13th 2020 – 11:00am and 2:00pm shows Dress Rehearsal: Thursday June 11th for all Force 2, Force 3, Level 1 and Level 2 classes. Dress Rehearsal: Friday, June 12th for all Solos, Twinkle Toes, Mini-Force and Force 1 classes. Dress Rehearsals are mandatory for all students! Any student who is absent from Dress Rehearsal will not be allowed to perform in the Recitals. It is assumed that all students in class will participate in the Recital. If for any reason a student will NOT be dancing in the Recital, The Dance Force must be notified by January 1st as this greatly impacts choreography and the other students in class.


To perform in our June Recitals, all students will need one costume per class/subject taken. Costume prices are listed in your enrollment agreement so that you can see upfront what your cost will be for costumes. A Recital T-shirt is also required. Costume balances must be paid in full by January 1st. Any student who has not paid for their costume(s) in full by January 1st will NOT be ordered a costume and therefore will not be able to participate in the Recitals. Once a costume is ordered it cannot be cancelled. Therefore, any and all costumes ordered for your child must be paid for in full. Costumes cannot be returned and costume payments cannot be refunded once the order is placed. Anyone who does not want to participate in the Recital must notify THE DANCE FORCE by January 1st to avoid being charged /ordered a costume.


Students must attend class regularly! Please notify the studio via email or phone if your child is unable to attend class. Refunds or reductions will not be given for missed classes. However, classes can be made up in a similar level within one month of the missed class. See your instructor for make-up class options. Students who miss class without notifying the studio of their absence will not be allowed a make-up. Any student with five or more absences may not be allowed to participate in the Recital at the instructor’s discretion.


Generally, we do not allow parent observation. Having parents and siblings present during class time can be very distracting for both the students and the instructors. Parents are welcome to come inside to drop off, pick-up, ask questions and make payments but should not be present for the class itself. Parents of young children or new students may stay in the waiting room during class time.


If classes must be cancelled due to inclement weather an announcement will be left on THE DANCE FORCE answering machine: (781) 762-2288.  Cancellations/Closures will also be announced on our Facebook page.  Please be sure to supply us with a current email address as we will also send emails to alert you of any cancellations.  Each class is allowed one cancellation without a make-up class or reduction in tuition. If more than one class is cancelled, a make-up class will be held or a reduction in tuition will be made.


You may withdraw from any class at any time with written notice to THE DANCE FORCE. If written notice is not received, the student will be marked absent and charged for all classes until written notification IS received.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any student who withdraws from a class after March 1st will be responsible to pay for the remainder of the school year (March, April, May, June)! Quitting this late in the year negatively impacts the entire class and routine and causes many last minute changes to be made which is both unfair and inconvenient to the other students in the class. Please plan accordingly when deciding whether to participate in the June Recital (by January 1st).


THE DANCE FORCE requires payment in full for all classes taken, costumes ordered or services rendered of any kind. Payments must be made on time to avoid late fees. Any outstanding past due balance, may be reported to a debt collection agency and subject to additional late fees.


THE DANCE FORCE will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Please be sure to leave valuables at home. As all physical activities involve some risk of injury, THE DANCE FORCE will not be held responsible for any injury that may occur while participating in our dance classes.


Please See Your Enrollment Agreement For More Personalized Information

Dress Code


All students must wear dance attire and have the proper dance shoes in order to dance! Students WILL be made to sit out if not dressed appropriately.

THE DANCE FORCE can order all the shoes and dancewear you need! Please see Receptionist.

Proper Dance Attire:

Leotards (worn with tights)

Biketards (worn with tights)


Ballet skirts

Cotton/lycra leggings (capri or full length)

Cotton/lycra fitted shorts (worn with tights)

Lycra/spandex form-fitted tank tops

Lycra/spandex form-fitted short sleeve workout shirts

Cotton/lycra or spandex form-fitted yoga pants

* Form-fitted = hugs the body like a leotard


Tights must be worn under all dance wear unless full length leggings/pants are worn.  No Bare Legs Allowed!


Hair must be pulled back securely off the face.


Not Acceptable:

Jeans or khakis

Jogging pants, pajama pants or baggy pants of any kind

T-shirts & Sweatshirts


Loose or baggy fitting shirts of any kind

School clothes

Bare legs

Remember: Students wearing the above items will NOT be allowed to participate in class!


SHOES: Requirements for ALL students

Ballet – All ballet shoes must be pink leather. Split sole recommended for Force 3 – Level 2.

Students in Twinkle Toes and Romp & Roll Classes will need pink ballet shoes.

Tap – All tap shoes must be tan slip-on oxfords. Split sole recommended for Force 3 – Level 2.

Students in Mini-Force and Force 1 classes are also allowed to wear tan Mary Jane style tap shoes.

Jazz – All jazz shoes must be tan, slip-on oxfords. Split sole recommended for Force 3 – Level 2.

Hip-hop, Cheer-dance and Baton all require jazz shoes (see above).

  • Some Hip-hop classes may require BLACK jazz shoes for Recital.

Modern dance and Acro-dance are done in bare feet. No shoes required.


Any questions regarding dance attire please contact THE DANCE FORCE at (781) 762-2288 or thedanceforce@gmail.com